Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone! May Allah SWT accept our fasting and good deeds and reward us well:)

Take care and Asalamalaykom:)


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Work Sheet

Asalamalaykom everyone:)

Due to an increase in business over the past little while, it was becoming difficult to keep the prices consistent in my head for the various sewing jobs that sisters wanted me to do for them. As such, I have created a Work Sheet that I attach to each job which allows for me and each of my clients to fill out what they want and add any details for measurements, alterations, etc. so that the sewing is done properly.

Therefore, If you live in the Victoria, BC area and would like some sewing work done, please feel free to email me at: for my Work Sheet and I can email it out to you. I am avoiding putting it online as my personal information is listed and because I am only taking on clients who live on Vancouver Island or in the Vancouver, BC areas (due to the necessity of providing me with fabric and/or the clothing items that need alterations).

I offer very competitive prices – half of what local Victoria dry cleaners and tailor shops are offering. For example, I charge $20 to hem abayas that are very wide at the bottom (up to 210 inches around) and dry cleaners and tailor shops in Victoria are charging $40 and up. I am trying to keep my prices very low as many of my clients are students and I hope to be doing a good deed by charging less. Plus – I love to sew and I don’t mind keeping my prices low:)

I hope to hear from anyone in the Vancouver Island-Vancouver, BC area who needs my Work Sheet and some sewing done for them, Inshallah:)

Take care and Asalamalaykom:)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Whoa....It's been awhile!

As the title of this post says - it has been awhile since I last posted anything! Since my last in October 2010, I have been so busy with Hajj 2011, a new job, a new city, etc. - the list goes on:) I have also been busy with tonnes of sewing projects and since moving to Victoria, BC, I have gone into a small sideline sewing business for sisters:) I'm really excited about this as now that I am in a bigger city with more sisters who wear the khimar and abayas, mine have been getting a lot of compliments.

Plus, given that online shopping is tricky with sizing, shipping and waiting and with a lot of sisters relying on family back home to send them clothing, me taking on a few sewing projects has been keeping me busy, too:)

I recently completed an abaya for a sister from Saudi and have posted a couple of pictures below. It's so nice to see someone wearing the clothing that I made them - I love it!

As for pictures of other clothing I have made over the past few months, I will post them in a separate blog, Inshallah:)

For the pics of the abaya I did for the Saudi sister (below), I would love to know what you think:) The fabric is a suiting that she provided me and for the type of weather we have here in BC, it will be good to wear year-round (although in really hot weather, it might be too warm).

Take care and asalamalaykom! :)