Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jilbab Workwear!

Now that I am so comfortable with abayat, I love to wear them to work:) They are so convenient and because I like to sew them usually in solid colours, all of my printed khumar go really well with them. Abayat are so simple to make and they are really very fast. On average, each abaya that I make takes from cutting the fabric to finishing the abaya itself about 2 hours. Further, sometimes I only have about 3 meters of fabric and for a small abaya, about 3.5 meters are needed at a minimum. So, if I don't have enough fabric to make the entire abaya from the fabric I have, I just do the sleeves in a different colour (or white as shown below) with the cuff matching the body of the abaya as a detail. I really like the ones I made and get a lot of comments on the style. It's great to make do with what you have, alhamdollilah!:)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sports Jilbabs:)

I like checking out different websites for abayat and such. The clothing from the UK is really great and I like the styles over there. The abayat are fashionable yet understated and that's why I like them so much. Plus, I was looking for some clothing that's less formal than what I wear for work and more casual to hang out with friends on the weekends, go shopping in or for walks etc. So below are a few that I sewed for myself. Each jilbab has a hood with a cord so that it looks like a modified version of a sports hoodie. The jilbabs also feature a panel of lining material that I sewed into place around the knee area. This was because when I wear pants underneath, the fabric has less friction with the lining panel than it does without. The sleeves being wide as they usually are in sports hoodies, are also a great feature bcause the cuffs stretch nicely so when you want to pull up your sleeves up past your elbows for making wudu, it's very convenient. Let me now what you think:)