Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A New Kind of Hijab

Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I like to plan out my outfit for the next day or think about sewing and designing:) So, one night I was lying there trying to sleep and couldn't so I began planning my outfit. I always try to start with which hijab I will wear and then plan the rest of my outfit from there:) I love big square hijabs and the long shaylas are nice but sometimes they get caught around my shoulders when I am trying to ensure my chest is covered. So, I started thinking about what kind of hijab I could design to cover the chest yet remain off the shoulders so that when I'm putting on a coat or putting my purse's shoulder strap on that won't pull at my jihab and move it out of place:) I finally came up with a design I liked and I've been making them ever since:) The trick is a flowy fabric with a nice drape to it and some pins to pin the hijab in place to an amira that will ensure that your neck stays covered:) Hope you like them!:)

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  1. Can you please post some of the pictures of this new kind of hijab?